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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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Tip of the week: Buy quality when buying Cattle on a high market. The lesser quality Cattle, ie Dairy crosses, may seem a lot cheaper, but if the market comes back, those sorts of Cattle historically come back the hardest. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

A couple of things I am hearing are that Sucker Lambs in Victoria are behind in size compared to last year. Also, unfinished Lambs are making big money. Some are gathering up what they can find and cashing in, leaving the finishing to the next ones in line. A good time to be selling any Lambs that have been doing it tough over Winter.

Dwain said, as the in-house Livestock Agent for FTLE, you better tell the people what you have done in the Agency game so far. Here goes.

I started out at Roma, the largest Cattle saleyards and selling centre in the Southern Hemisphere. I then worked for Landmark in Mareeba, covering the Peninsula and the Gulf regions. Due to the geographical location, we had to find other options to add value to Cattle that were not suited for live export trade, by Feedlotting to get Cattle up to weight or quality.

I've also worked for Elders in Goondiwindi, where we had many clients in the Feedlotting game. This was a large cattle branch. I then finished at Elders Blackall before coming on board at Farm Tender.

My family have an Angus stud operation which I am heavily involved in.

I believe I can give our clients first-class advice. We can help source Livestock with my broad range of contacts throughout the industry. I can source the Livestock they require and market or sell their Livestock at a very competitive rate of 1.5%. That's a brief snapshot.

Even though I am young, at 25 years of age, I've been a Livestock agent for 8.5 years. I bring to the table my experience from working under some very successful Livestock agents, but with a new-age approach to Livestock marketing.

Give me a call anytime. Cheers, Jack.