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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

Check out the FTLE page here or Call Jack Henshaw, our in-house Livestock Agent on 0407 902 941.

This week, the Bendigo Sheep and Lamb market was a bit softer on weaker demand with low numbers. Read the report here.

As for Cattle, it was great to see market prices increasing this week and Restocker prices holding.

We have multiple Feedlots chasing Cattle at the moment, as well as Backgrounders.

With prices being so high, we can't let ourselves forget about the fees and commission we are paying for the service we are provided, especially when trading Livestock, because that 4-5 or so percent adds up.

At FTLE, we charge 1.5% commission with no hidden fees. We also handle the transaction right through the sales process.

We have grids for all major Meatworks and can get the Cattle booked into the right place to get you the best return.

I'm attending sales every week and can source the right Cattle for your requirements.

Feel free to give me a call if you are on the hunt for Cattle.

We have a buyer on the ground in Blackall this week, so if you're chasing good runs of Weaners or Feeder Cattle, don't hesitate to call.

There are 3700 head booked for the Blackall sale. It's a solid yarding with big lines of Feeder Steers and Heifers, also a big run of F1 very good quality weaners.

With a very green Southern Queensland, Roma only yarded 4037 head. Talking to an Agent, he said that Cattle were in good forward condition and the restock job was similar to the previous week if not just slightly stronger.

Also, there was a good solid yarding of fat Cows and Ox which he said were met with strong competition from major Meatworks, and that job was up 10 cents