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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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The Sheep and Lamb job is treading a bit of water, going ok though considering. See the Bendigo and Ballarat reports here. Wool took a bit of a tumble yesterday. Check out what happened here.

Good to see the Cattle market gain traction again after the covid backlog has been put through.

We have some good lines of Cattle listing in the last day. Check out these Cross Bred Heifers, these Angus Heifers, these Balck Baldy Heifers, and this line of Charbray Cows and Calves

Cows and Calves are still good buying up and down the coast of NSW. With some big coastal weaner sales coming up over the next two weeks.

A great old agent told me this week that you cannot afford to sit on your hands for too long during a market like this as you still need to have an income and turn over Cattle. The one thing we can learn about the market over the last 12 months is, yes, it's strong and high, but it's had a lot of obstacles thrown at it, and it still has managed to continue to thrive.

His last remark was. Everyone is talking about these mad people who are buying weaners at these extremely high prices. They have finished and sold their first batch already and have made a good profit, so who are the "mad people"? Something to think about!!

If you are looking to buy Cattle, give me a bell.