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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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Good to see a full field of Lamb buyers at Bendigo on Monday. It was reflected in the prices gains on all types of Lambs.

Talking to a couple of Farmers in WA and the Sheep job over there is red hot. Much hotter than over here in the East. I dare say zero Sheep would be heading from West to East currently.

Talking to a Cattle Producer also in WA, and the Cattle market is also hot over there, with no supply issues, the restocker job is as solid as he has ever seen.

Brahman PTIC cows are still selling solid, with Southern and Central restockers paying up to $3000 for quality young cows and $2200-$2600 for cast for age PTIC cows.

Talking to an agent in Far North Queensland, he said Live Export prices are firming up, and being historically high, Restockers and Fattners are now buying cast for age PTIC Brahman Cows. They are Calving them down, taking the Calves out to weaning age and backgrounding them for Live Export and slaughtering the Cow on an extraordinary high Cow grid.

With the Southern Backgrounders buying most of the Weaners, they see this as the only way to get healthy margins.