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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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Good rain across western Queensland and widespread rain across NSW will come as a relief for most Farmers continuing to strengthen this already strong season and help hold and potentially strengthen the Cattle market.

Covid is causing a few hiccups for Processors, with staffing issues causing a slight weakening in fat markets and Mutton prices. But the demand still far outweighs the supply, so hopefully, once all the covid is under control around the major plants, the market can get back to normal.

The Sheep and Lamb job could be worse, but it's holding up ok considering.

Bulls and Rams are already in hot demand. Don't wait until it's too late. Give us a call to help secure some Bulls and Rams that suit your requirements.

Live export for Cattle has ramped up this month with record prices. We have multiple orders from live exporters for Brahman Cattle. Contact us for more information.