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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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We are still selling plenty of Flock Rams ATM.

In summary, it's been an amazing year to be involved in the Agricultural industry in Australia, particularly the Beef Cattle industry.

It has been record-breaking throughout the whole year across the board in the Beef Cattle game. Records have been smashed in the stud game as well.

Years like this go down in the record books, and we all pitch ourselves and ask, is it the new normal.

The amount of Feed around, especially in the North, is amazing, and the Cattle herd is building.

I have been talking to many restockers who think next year will be stronger than this year.

As for the guys in the Sheep game, it's been more of a normal year. As we know, Sheep have been pretty good for the last decade.

I want to thank all the Farm Tender members for the year. Coming from my Agency job, this role has been a great learning curve understanding how online and Livestock can co-exist. I look forward to further developing the FTLE brand in 2022.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.