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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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We have our first ever "Catalogue" up, this one is a bunch of Rams from the Wakeleigh White Suffolk Stud. So basically, we present the Rams individually (in this case with all ASBV's) for customers to buy the particular Ram/s that suit best.

We see it as a great tool for Bull and Ram Studs to sell their Flock or Paddock Animals. You know the ones that are left over after the Auction Sale. If you have Bulls or Rams to sell, give me a call, and we can get something going.

Restockers are continuing to control the Cattle marketplace with more rain throughout Queensland and NSW and more forecasted on the way. Who knows, this current market might be the new normal or the base.

Larger numbers of cattle are still being yarded. This week, I went to one sale where they yarded 450 PTIC Cows and many more Cows with Calves. The Cow and Calf job was up $1000 per unit, whereas I think the PTIC job was back $100-$200 per head.

We have plenty of clients chasing Cattle at the moment, so over the holiday period, utilise your free labour and have a look at what stock you have to potentially sell.

We have had large numbers of Cattle coming forward of all categories that we have been placing before them getting listed online.

During the week, I listened to a podcast where Gundagai Meat Processors CEO Will Barton spoke about how their capacity is down because they are struggling to find staff to fill roles for the Spring Lamb flush. It's a real concern this, for everyone across the Ag space

So if you're chasing Cattle or Sheep, give me a call. I'm also in a lot of Saleyards throughout the week buying and always have Trucks heading North, South and West.

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