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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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There are good spot prices at the Meat Works at the moment as the "big wet" impedes both big and small Meat Processors from getting Cattle to kill in an already short market.


Green grass in the Summer is a bonus, so restockers are chasing Cattle. There has never been a better time to sell Weaners.


One Producer sold his entire Weaner crop early on when the price was a bit lower than the current rate. He did the sums and said he was miles in front to offload early and not worry about a weaning process.


Wanted - We currently have many good clients chasing big runs of Feeder and Backgrounding Cattle. Call me for more information.


The Lamb job has quietened off a little with some Producers deciding to Shear their Suckers and put them back in the paddock to hopefully get a higher price later.


Good quality plain bodied Merino Ewes that look as though they rear plenty of Lambs are selling at a premium over the more traditional type of Merino Ewes.


Chris Howie, who writes in Sheep and Beef Central, outlined the following opportunities in the Livestock game

  • Properly wean your calves for sale
  • Hay stubbles for grazing
  • Having finance ready to secure the opportunity
  • Buying ewes now the market has eased a bit
  • Getting new kids into the industry and training your staff
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