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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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We are looking to promote further "DelayPay for Livestock" and also our NPS payments system. We are also working on a simple to use, do it yourself Transit Insurance partnership. With the value of a load of Livestock off the charts, we think buyers will pay more attention to the potential losses than they perhaps have in the past.

The three key components mentioned above are us providing a more complete Livestock service.

They are expected 63,000 lambs at Hamilton (Vic) today. There are buying opportunities in the Lamb job right now.

The Cattle market has gone to new heights. It really is amazing, and you have to pinch yourself at the prices on offer if you are a seller.

One agent told me this week that Live Exporters are looking at ramping up after Christmas, so it'll be interesting to see how they will compete in this very strong market.

Angus Bulls are in hot demand, with many studs completely selling out on paddock Bulls.

One agent in Queensland told me he strongly advises all his clients to buy Cattle as they are only going to get dearer, and we know the season is relatively safe for 8-12mths ahead. So get in now, he is saying, rather than wait. One person's opinion.

Keep those listings coming.