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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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The rains keep coming and the season has been a great one if you are in the Livestock game.

And the Cattle market continues to fly along.

More and more agents are backing clients that have grass into buying quick trade Cattle like Cows and Calves. Also, Steers and Heifer that are just under feeder weight to take to feeder weight.

Buyers of Cattle have had to innovate if they are to make a margin in today's market conditions.

Last Friday, I went to a Cattle sale at Tamworth with a hefty buying order but got blown out of the park and returned home empty-handed.

Like other agents, we also have been backing clients into Cattle and Sheep through DelayPay. The advantage DelayPay is that you're not tied to selling through an agent at the end, for 4-5% commission. You can choose to sell back through us at 1.5% or go direct. We understand the market and are here to help.

The more Southern new season Lambs are starting to hit the market in places like Ballarat and Hamilton.

We are still seeing out of Season Ram and Bull sales happening.