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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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Thanks to you, we are seeing an increase in Livestock listings. I am new here, but Dwain said we have been aiming for this market for years, but we have never been able to crack it. I believe we have so much to offer in this department. Eyeballs equal opportunity.

In our quest to sell more Livestock, the guys tell me we have tried several different models, but what's working for us now, is bringing the agency model online and in-house.

Agents have been a part of the fabric for decades. We think the model is here to stay, but it will have a few different dimensions.

Many Farmers are happy to pay their trusted agents with commissions. We also see a lighter touch model, where the rates are cheaper, but you still get access to an Agent, but we aren't driving up your driveway. Phew, you say....

This Agent-lite model is starting to work for us.

The market is red hot right now, and price expectations for sellers are high. Sometimes we see ridiculous prices on stock, unachievable prices.

We see our lower commission rates (1.5%) as an opportunity to meet the market better and give you a higher percentage chance of selling.

So use those lower rates, no yard fees or freight costs to your advantage.

Call me anytime for a chat.