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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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It's been a pretty good fortnight for sales, and it's nice to get some momentum.

Joined Heifers, Rams and Bulls have been the top sellers.

We have also expanded our Commission Cattle buying footprint, purchasing quite a few lots out of the Saleyards for clients. We would like to expand it further and also offer the same buying service through Auctionsplus.

There are large runs of Weaners at the Coastal NSW markets this week. Call if you are chasing any.

Cows and calves are still good buying at my home town of Kempsey (NSW).

I was speaking to an Agent in Western Queensland, and he said they would be lucky if they have another Cattle sale this year due to the wet weather and everyone wanting to hold onto Cattle.

The way the job is, an Eye Fillet Steak and a Rack of Lamb are luxury items now in the eye of the consumer. It certainly makes people enjoy it more. The days of cheap meat are behind us.