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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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The guys over at DelayPay say most of the enquiry for Livestock is with Sheep and Lambs, as that's where the buying opportunities are right now.


If you missed the Lambpro Ram sales result, then here it is. A mightly fine effort from Tom Bull and his dedicated team. 


As for Cattle, Saleyard prices eased due to quality, also the fact that Farmers are now focusing on getting some Grain in the silos. 


Good rain through Queensland will soon have backgrounders screaming for Cattle. This could create another mini spike. An agent said, it will be interesting to see how the "State of Origin" (restockers, Queensland vs NSW) will play out. 


The New England Tablelands of NSW looking a picture, they have a bulk of feed that will stand them in good stead heading into the warmer months. 


Here are some of Chris Howie's trends as written in Beef and Sheep Central this week.

  • Use current prices to reduce the age of your Cows and Ewes.
  • Merino lambs to trade into March and April
  • Adding extra weight with the season in your favour
  • Fine-tune your livestock program and lift survivability of Lambs and Calves
  • Continue to use forward pricing to lift your sale average