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Where's the Queensland Cattle market at?

You'll read sources saying the Cattle market in the new year will be purely driven by how successful the wet season in the North is.

But has history written a new path?

Talking to sources in North Queensland and the Northern Territory and I keep hearing the same thing. The Cattle market up there has been very strong because of the continued buyer support from New South Wales and, in particular, and Victoria.

If you drive throughout Western New South Wales, you'll see a large number of Queensland branded cattle in paddocks, and every week in the Queensland markets, you see commission buyers standing up and knocking Cattle down to prominent New South Wales agencies.

When you read the newspapers, you see more about prominent Queensland Beef Cattle produces buying fattening properties in New South Wales. And you see new generations of Beef Cattle producers in Queensland sending Cattle South on Agistment. When the season broke, post-drought in February 2020 these families had built strong relationships and are continuing to send mobs down there to put the weight on and take advantage of the better season in NSW.

Each week you will see large lines of Weaner Cattle up for grabs on Auctionsplus from the Queensland areas of Richmond, Julia Creek, Winton, etc.

Talking to Live Exporter, they have been doing it relatively tough since 2014 because the demand on the domestic market is too strong, and Export prices are therefore not competitive.

As for a crash in prices, talking to key people in the Cattle industry, and it's clear to them that those ducks are NOT going to line up. They and many others think the Cattle market will continue to be strong for the foreseeable future.

So back to my first question. Has history re-written a new path? Well, I don't think it has because it's all about the supply and demand market. And currently, the supply is heavily outweighed by demand for a number of reasons.

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