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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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A big yarding of cattle at Blackall saw buyers from Southern Queensland fighting against buyers from New England, Inverell and Moree.

One Queensland Processor is custom killing 4 days a week, proving there still must be a margin in the slaughter job.

I was talking to an old Cattle buyer last week about the current Cattle market. He said people are offloading heavy Feeders and slaughter Cattle for $2200-$3000.

The New England area is coming into what looks to be a promising summer with good spring falls.

He believes we haven't seen the top of the store Cattle market yet. If you're getting $2700 for fat cattle and have empty paddocks with plenty of grass, there is a considerable margin to play with there.

Kempsey Stock and Land have a Sale this Thursday with a large run of Weaners followed by their Annual Feeder Steer and Bullock sale next Thursday, the 14th of October. They are expecting a large yarding of British and Euro Feeder Steers and Heifers.

I'll be attending Both sales, so if you're after quality Livestock, don't hesitate to call.

Last week, the Ram sales went to a new height, with Aussie White founder Tattykeel having a $5.6 million Ram and Ewe sale. One word, phenomenal...

We are seeing a bit of a changing of the guard as far as Ram sales are concerned, the more traditional incumbents are being overtaken by the brash new-aged Breeders who are aggressive about growing their Seed Stock businesses.

The rains around have sured up the season for the Sheep guys, and those finishing Lambs can do so with confidence.

Call me anytime and if you are looking for someone to buy Cattle, I can help.