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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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Lockdowns are starting to have an effect on markets as some Livestock buyers are struggling to get to sales.

The cattle market at Wagga Wagga and other places this week looked weaker on paper. I was talking to an old agent who was present, and his opinion was that the market was stronger than ever, but the quality was lacking. Hence the reason it looked weaker.

I keep stressing for people looking to get back into the Cattle market that quality far outweighs quantity. You're better off with a few less than ending up feeding Cattle for free or at a loss. When the market is like this, it's all about buying right.

I live at Kempsey (NSW), and in our area, it's very dry. We had a flood before Winter, and now it's too dry for the post-flood feed to grow.

Weaner Cattle are of very good quality but are all frame and have no weight due to tough Winter and dry conditions.

It's perfect conditions for Western and Southern buyers to buy out of the Kempsey sale.

We sold Angus Cows and Calves between $3300 and $3500 a head during the week.

The Sheep job continues to flourish. Sucker Lambs are all the rage as the quality is there and buyers are falling over each other to buy them. This week at Bendigo, they have never seen so many Sucker Lambs prices make over $300 a head.

The much anticipated Kerin Poll Ram sale didn't disappoint, they grossed $1.939 million, up $391k on last year with 50 extra Rams.

There are some cracking Ram Sales coming up in the next 2 to 3 weeks, which we predict will blow the sox off people. Keep an eye on our Prime Ag News for updates.

Keep those Livestock listings coming.

Call me anytime and if you are looking for someone to buy Cattle, I can help.