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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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Goats were the big sellers this week. They are extremely popular right now, especially Breeders.

We are also selling surplus Bulls and Rams and should have our catalogue feature out soon where you can sell in individual lots from the one vendor.

Dwain's so-called $500-for-Ewes prediction came to fruition in the last week. However, I can't find where he documented it....

Check out the Glendemar MPM Ram Sale catalogue here.

Sucker Lambs are breaking records. Farmers seem to be getting more weight into these Lambs earlier. Genetics and the use of Breeding Values are providing a better quality article for the buyers.

As for Cattle, the show keeps rolling along. It's "shake your head stuff", as anyone who has been in the Cattle industry for any sort of time can't believe what is going on.

Still, at the end of the day, you need to have something to sell to take advantage of the situation.

I heard one commentator say, "if more countries follow China and ban meat from Brazil, I don't think it will drive slaughter Cattle prices higher in Australia, but it will make slaughter Cattle prices more sustainable for Processors".

The Ram sales are really kicking into gear. Make sure you keep up with all the Ram and Bull sale results in our Prime Ag News here.

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