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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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We have had a good week selling Calves, Heifers and Bulls mainly.

Lightweight Calves are hot to trot. We listed 2 mobs of 8-week old Calves and had them sold in 4 hours, with plenty of enquiries and people who missed out.

The Chopper Cow market is mirroring the Beef Cow market. Anything thing that is Bovine and has 4 legs is hot right now. There is far less discrimination between Dairy and Beef breeds in the marketplace.

We are starting to see the Ram sales really kick into gear now with some high profile studs having their on-property Auctions in the next month. Will we see the $5000 a head average broken? Yarrawonga Merinos had a $4123 head average during the week, and that was for 268 lots.

The Ram sales got better as the season went on last year, and I think we will see the same this year. Buyers have an expectation that they will miss out if they don't bid to "x" and who wants to go how without any Rams.

Another question circulating is will Ewe prices break through the $500 barrier?

Don't be afraid to give us a shot at listing your Livestock, we have plenty of eyeballs on the site, and we have buyers looking for a wide range of Sheep, Cattle and Goats.

Call me anytime.

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