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I have been in and around Cattle and Cattle markets since I could stand, and I don't think I have seen a stronger market than yesterday. It's grown a leg. Some of the reasons might be:

  • Brazil suspending Beef exports to China because of BSE
  • Local Meatworks are struggling to find kill Cattle in numbers
  • The confidence surrounding the Bull sale records
  • Grass and another good rain across NSW and other areas


I have seen the Meatworks list their Cattle grids on social media, and it's the first time I have seen it. Apparently, they are desperate for kill Cattle to fill orders. Could we see a shortage of Beef?


We are seeing demand for Black Bulls into Queensland. Many are travelling as far South as Victoria to find them. We hear many Feedlots only want black Cattle. The trend continues.


It wasn't reported much in the press this week, but a pen of 250 Merino Ewes, NSM, 16-17 months old, and 65.5k liveweight, made $480 at Hillston during the week. Dwain's up and about. He has been telling me he has predicted Ewes to reach $500 by some time in 2021. I told him they are not there yet.


We have sold a few Bulls ourselves this week and a couple of good line-up of ewes.


We are looking for more Bulls to sell, for those that have had their sale and have surplus Bulls to sell privately, give me a call. Rams too.


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