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They are talking up the Beef and Cattle game as a boomtime industry for some time to come. Mecardo reports that "Beef processing in the US is under pressure as demand outstrips supply, pushing the 90CL price more than 100ȼ/kg higher since Easter. Labour shortages, import conditions and a cyber-attack on processor JBS have led to low volumes of beef on hand in the US, while the seasonal summer increase and foodservice resurgence has meant demand is booming."

What's that mean for us? "Higher global beef demand, competition and in turn prices can only be positive for Australian producers, as the added competition will keep domestic returns supported once the herd has rebuilt beyond a restocking frenzy. And while it hasn't resulted in higher cattle prices in the US just yet, it is expected it will flow through in the spring, which may assist in bringing Australia's high cattle returns back in line with the global market." According to Mecardo.

This is good news.

I have been informally surveying our customers over the last couple of weeks and asking them what is attracting them to list on our platform. Of course, the commercial selling rates of 1.5% is the biggest carrot, the opportunity to find alternative selling options and the flexibility not to be locked into a pre-paid fee were others.

Also, we are heading into the Ram and Bull selling seasons. If you are looking to sell, then give me a call (Jack) on 0407 902 942, I have a passion for the stud industry.

As the in-house Livestock Agent at the Livestock Exchange, it's my job to help you with every aspect of selling and buying Livestock online. So make sure you touch base.

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