Farm Tender

Farm Tender's New Payment System (NPS)

Farm Tender's recently developed New Payment System takes all the hard work from your office to ours. We act as a conduit for the financial process of the sale, along with processing all required paperwork.

Since the NPS was introduced in August 2020 it has grown significantly.

We look at it from a couple of perspectives:
a) We do all the work for you, value-adding to your Farm Tender Sale and experience.
b) It also provides surety for both the Buyer and Seller. The Buyer knows that their money is held until such time as they receive the goods, and the Seller knows that funds have been received before releasing the goods - Win/Win!.

With the NPS, we will process the Invoice (to the Buyer) on behalf of the Seller and follow-up to ensure payment is made promptly. We can payout any financed items, and your Farm Tender commission is deducted along the way. The balance of funds is paid directly to the Sellers nominated bank account.

Upon payment being made, you will be emailed a Statement of Account, which includes all the relevant paperwork required for your accounting purposes.

If you would like to know more about this, give us a call or have a chat with one of our Sales Managers or Admin staff.