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Farm Tender’s Jackie Elliott takes on a new role for the Company!

Extracted from the Farm Tender weekly Newsletter - Sign up and get the email every Wednesday morning before 6 am.

By Megan Ruyg

In July this year, we created a new role within the Farm Tender team, the Customer Relationship and Social Media Officer. For the last couple of years, we have seen a real need for this type of role within our Company, and one we feel is significantly important being an online business.

Customer Service is something that we put as our number one priority and one we pride ourselves on.

This role was developed to further assist not only our current members, but also our new members who may sign-up but then feel a little lost or unsure of how our system works.

It’s that ‘helping hand’ that will assist you and explain how we work, how to use us and what other divisions we have available to you that may be more specific to your enquiry.

Jackie was the perfect fit for this role. She has been with the Company for over a year now, she knows how we operate, how the system works and is a great communicator and willing to help our members.

If you need a hand with how our system works or would just like to know a bit more about us and how we can help you, give Jackie a call on 0400 808 550.

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