Farm Tender

Demand for Sheep strong at Bendigo this week

Yarding - 28,500 (+1000).
Lambs - 21,000 (+3500)
Sheep - 7500 (-2500).
A supply increase with 21,000 lambs yarded, up 3,500 on a week ago. Quality was very mixed with a lot of young lambs now presenting in dry skins and with inconsistent fat cover as the season progresses. Buyers were selective, with the best fresh lambs selling at similar rates to last Monday while secondary types were discounted. The overall result was a cheaper trend of $5 to $10/head over processing lambs weighing above 21kg cwt. Price results for light weight lambs were firm to dearer on the back of restocker and processing orders for suitable sized MK stock. There was a new store order operating from Bairnsdale in East Gippsland.
The heaviest young lambs over 30kg made from $220 to a top of $243/head. The best of the heavy cross bred lambs, 26 to 30kg and still in fat score 4 condition sold from $187 to $228 to average $207/head. Underneath this was the general run of medium and light trade weight lambs selling from $160 to $185/head. On a carcase basis most young lambs to processors were averaging from 700c to 760c/kg cwt with select pens of neat trade lambs nudging 800c/kg on occasion. There was no store activity on bigger trade weight lambs this week with lambs to the paddock all smaller types under 20kg that sold from $135 to $160/head.
Competition for sheep was very strong with two exporters driving the market across a reduced yarding. There was price gains of $5 to $20/head despite some processors not operating. Prices pushed above 600c/kg cwt again with the best lines of heavy Merino ewes and wethers making an estimated 620c to 670c/kg cwt. There was a lot of weight in the lead pens of crossbred ewes which sold to $261/head.The general run of heavy sheep made from $170 to $220/head. Very plain ewes sold from $100 to $130/head.


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