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Demand for Sheep strong at Bendigo

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Yarding - 34,000 (+8000)
Lambs - 22,000 (+4000)
Sheep - 12,000 (+4000)

One of the bigger yardings so far this spring with 22,000 lambs and 12,500 sheep penned. Quality improved in the lamb run, with more first draft young lambs available from the southern regions of Pyalong, Kilmore and Yea that were showing the benefits of the extended green grass season. All regular buyers attended and operated in market that opened strongly before losing some momentum. Bidding favoured heavier lambs, due in part to the influence of northern processing orders due to the wet conditions across NSW. Heaviest young lambs averaged $5 to $10 dearer, while the general run of medium and light trades in the 18-21kg cwt range weakened by $3 to $8/head. Store lambs were also easier despite some bigger lines of well-bred types being offered.

The few pens of heavy lambs over 30kg cwt from $289 to a top of $299/head. Most heavy lambs over 26kg cwt from $260 to $285, and the heavy trades, 24-26kg cwt, from $220 to $250/head. These heavier slaughter lambs were estimated between 880c to 940c/kg cwt. Where the market did show more variance was over the bigger volumes of medium and light trades, 18-24kg cwt, which ranged from 780c to 880c/kg cwt depending on breed quality, condition and number in a pen. In dollar per head terms there was a lot of sales from $170 to $215/head. Store lambs to the paddock mostly $150 to $175/head in a softer result.

Demand for sheep was strong, again influenced by the wet weather affecting supplies across NSW. The best price gains were for light and trade weight mutton at an estimated 640c to 680c/kg cwt. Heaviest ewes $207 to $235, general run of ewes $140 to $185/head.