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Dearer trend across the board at Wagga Wagga

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Yarding - 38,750


Numbers lifted this sale with lambs showing the increase. Lamb quality was mixed with a handy offering of well bred and finished lambs available, although there was less weight yarded than the previous sale. The usual buyers were present and competing in a dearer market.

Trade weight lambs were $5-$10 dearer with the 18-24kg portion selling from $162 to $212/head. Lambs to 26kg were also $8 better and more in places to receive from $203 to $230/head. Extra heavies showed the biggest change lifting $10 to $15/head again more in places. Prices ranged from $223 to $302.20/head. Carcase prices averaged from 776 to 842c/kg. Trade and heavy Merino lambs received from $171 to $212/head.

Mutton quality was fair with a good offering of heavy sheep penned along with the plainer types. Prices showed a dearer trend with heavy Merino ewes selling from $166 to $240/head. X-bred ewes received from $172 to $244/head. Merino wethers sold from $154 to $210/head.