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Dearer market at Bendigo this week

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Yarding - 26,000 (+5000)
Lambs - 189,000 (+1500)
Sheep - 8000 (+3500)

The widespread rain helped deliver a dearer market across both lambs and sheep. More processors were active, with bidding from some northern based companies particularly strong at times amid reports stock movements have been disrupted by the wet conditions. There was 18,000 lambs and 8000 sheep at Bendigo this week, up slightly from last Monday. Once again the supply of heavy lambs above 26kg cwt remained limited against reasonable numbers of trade and light young lambs. Quality processing lambs lifted by $5 to $15/head, while there was little price change over the plainer and lighter stock including store lambs to the paddock. Heavy sheep recorded the biggest gains of $20 to $25/head.

One stand-out pen of export weighted young lambs estimated at 31kg cwt topped the sale at $303/head. Most of the heavy young lambs in the 26-30kg cwt range sold from $250 to $278, followed by the 24-26kg pens at $223 to $240/head. There was bigger volumes of 22-24kg cwt young lambs available which sold from $192 to $230 to average $220/head. These well presented slaughter lambs were estimated at costing from 870c to 910c, although there was a late burst of buying activity which pushed more sales above 900c/kg cwt at end of the market. Most light lambs sold from $145 to $185, with decent lines of store lambs to the paddock still costing $150 to $170/head. Some young shorn lambs are now starting to appear and buyers gave strong support to pens with weight, paying to $270/head at more than 900c/kg cwt.

Competition for sheep improved, led by extra heavy ewes which sold from $190 to a top of $236/head for Merinos in a skin. Most trade and heavy sheep from $140 to $185, and light stock $110 to $135/head. Good lines of mutton were estimated at costing from 620c to 680c/kg cwt.