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Competition intensifies for Lambs at Bendigo

Yarding - 29,000 (+2500).
Lambs - 21,000 (+1500)
Sheep - 8000 (+1000).

Only a slight lift in lamb supply, but quality improved greatly with an impressive run of heavy young lambs on offer. Competition from all buying sectors intensified and prices for good processing lambs lifted by $10 to $18/head on a week ago. Lighter weight lambs including stores were a few dollars dearer. Export demand led the market higher, with buyers paying to a top of $246/head for extra heavy young lambs. Domestic processors paid over $200 a times, while specialist lamb finishers from Ballarat spent up to $199/head on trade weight lambs to shear.

The heaviest pens of export young lambs made from $223 to $286/head. Agents presented a big run of young lambs in the 24 to 28kg cwt category with most sales from $180 to $225/head. Price averages for lambs over 26kg cwt tracked above $200/head this week. Supplies of nicely finished domestic lambs under 22kg cwt remained in tight supply and these did sell for premiums. There was prices from 700c to 800cover the bulk of the young lambs, with good runs of processing lambs costing export and trade buyers an estimated 740c to 780c/kg cwt.

Agents from Ballarat, Horsham, Hamilton, Echuca and Bendigo were in attendance in the strongest showing of store demand seen at Bendigo so far this spring. They paid to $199 for trade weight lambs to shear, with most traditional sized store lambs under 20kg cwt from $125 to $150/head.

Supplies of old season lambs have nearly faded out of the system. The few better quality heavy old lambs were dearer.

Mutton prices also rallied despite some export companies not operating. Significant price gains from $12 to $30/head were recorded, with all weights and grades improving on a week ago. Big crossbred ewes made from $180 to $246; heavy Merino ewes sold from $174 to $220; andheavy Merino wethers made from $182 to $234/head. There was some exceptional weights in the top sheep, but even taking this into account good lines of mutton were costing processors an estimated 550c to 600c/kg cwt.


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