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Yarding - 20,700 (+1200)
Lambs - 12,500 (+1000)
Sheep - 8200 (+200)

A slight lift in both lamb and sheep numbers to take the total yarding to just over 20,000 head. It was a winter line-up of lambs, with a lot of
plainer types in small lots as tail-end drafts are sold. The supply of quality fed lambs in the heavy weight categories continued to decline. The
market was cheaper, with the general run of lambs averaging $10 to $20 easier, while secondary types fell by $30/head and more compared
to the sale of a week ago when it should be noted Bendigo had a very buoyant sale. Quality was a contributing factor to the cheaper trend,
however demand also weakened with not all the regular buyers operating or buying to capacity. Competition for light lambs was limited to a
few MK processing orders and small Merinos and crossbreds were also considerably cheaper.

A smaller supply of heavy export lambs over 30kg cwt sold from $260 to a top of $292/head. Heavy lambs sold mostly from $230 to $260,
and the better finished heavy trade lambs made from $190 to $230/head. These lambs were estimated as tracking between 820c to 890c,
with only limited sales over 900c/kg cwt this week. Buyers became very selective on secondary trade lambs that often showed frame but
limited fat cover or were in long woolly skins, paying from $160 to $185/head, averaging at below 800c/kg cwt at times. Bidding for light
lambs was at lower levels, ranging from $90 to $137/head for most.

Agents penned a few hundred new season lambs, with quality just reasonable rather than outstanding. The better heavy trade young lambs
sold from $200 to a top of $250/head.

Sheep numbers continue to lift as ewes are sold post lamb weaning and shearing. Bigger lines of Merinos and crossbreds were available this
week. Mutton prices were cheaper across sheep of all weights falling by $10 to $25/head. Lead runs of extra heavy crossbred ewes made
from $200 to $232, and the best big Merinos ranged from $212 to $241/head. The general run of heavy and trade weighted sheep sold from
$130 to $180/head with the better lines of mutton estimated to average from 630c to 680c/kg cwt.

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