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Cheaper Lamb market at Bendigo

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Yarding - 15,800 (-2200)
Lambs - 11,000 (-2000)
Sheep - 4800 (+200)

Cheaper lamb market by $4 to $15/head across most weights and grades. Quality was a factor, with a lot of plainer lambs lacking fat cover and fewer supplies of well finished export and trade types available. On the supply side, it was a smaller yarding of 11,000 lambs despite last week's public holiday. On the demand side, two domestic processors were absent and many other buyers didn't operate to capacity. The most noticeable trend from today's market was a drop in demand and value for light and small lambs under 18kg cwt due to limited store and MK processing orders. Prices for these lambs dipped to levels not seen at Bendigo for some time.

One line of extra heavy crossbred lambs, curfewed on farm at 89kg liveweight according to the selling agent, topped the sale at $280. Bidding for export lambs rarely went above $260/head with most of the 30kg cwt plus lambs from $228 to $245/head at an estimated cost of 700c to 720c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs, 26-30kg cwt, from $190 to $228/head with domestic processors stepping into some lots due to their cheaper price point compared to the neatest trade lambs at $185 to $205/head which were in short supply.

Plainer trade lambs varied from $155 to $180/head depending on breed type, quality and number in a pen. The price range for processing lambs was 680c to 780c/kg, with the majority of sales falling between 700c to 760c/kg cwt. Small and light store lambs went from a low of $8 (for secondary Merinos) through to $120/head in a much cheaper result compared to recent markets. Bigger framed store lambs sold from $125 to $160/head

Bidding for sheep was erratic at times but overall results remained solid at 500c to 600c/kg cwt. The biggest crossbred ewes $180 to a top of $221/head and heavy Merino ewes and wethers in good skins from sold from $170 to $200/head. Plainer sheep lacking fat cover mostly $100 to $140/head.