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Benjarra, Reiland, Banquet and Minnamurra Bull and Female sale results

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Benjarra Limousins Bull & Female Sale, QLD - 24/26 bulls sold to $14,000 (Lot 5. Benjarra Quizmaster Q16) & $8376 and 4/5 heifers sold to $5500 (Lot 31. AT Raven R12) & av. $4900.

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Reiland Angus Spring Bull Sale, NSW - 69/69 bulls sold to $38,000 (Lot 16. Reiland Richie R282) & av. $17,623.
Lot 35. Reiland Rawson R161 (pic) was knocked down for $28,000.

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Banquet Angus Spring Bull Sale VIC - 39/39 bulls sold to $48,000 (Lot 27. Banquet Redden R018) & av. $16,718.

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Minnamurra Speckle Parks bull sale NSW - 59/59 bulls sold to $56,000 (Lot 25 Minnamurra Rastus R51 to Wattle Grove Speckle Park) & av. $14,881.

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