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Bendigo market dragged down by lack of demand

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Yarding - 16,100 (+1600)
Lambs - 12,400 (+1900)
Sheep - 3700 (-300)

Just slight changes to supply with 12,400 lambs and 3,700 sheep. Heavier weighted lambs again dominated with supplies of well finished trade types in the minority. The market was cheaper dragged down by a lack of demand. Two processing companies were absent and most other buyers operated at lower than usual capacity amid reports they had good supplies of stock around them. Lambs were $10 to $25/head cheaper in a fluctuating sale. Sheep were $15 to $30/head cheaper than a week ago with light mutton hit the hardest.

One stand-out pen of extra heavy export lambs weighing over 38kg cwt topped the sale at $285/head. All other big export lambs selling in a range of $230 to $260/head at an estimated 700c to 740c/kg cwt. There was some dull spots in the auction for heavy lambs around 27-28kg cwt as they fell between export and domestic demand. The 26-30kg cwt crossbred lambs sold from $195 to $232 at an average 770c/kg cwt; the heavy trades 24-26kg from $193 to $213 at 775c/kg. There was limited sales of neat domestic lambs in short skins, 21-24kg which made $180 to $200 at an estimated 800c/kg cwt. Plainer domestic and light lambs mostly $135 to $165/head for those with good frame size. Smallest lambs to the paddock $70 to $130/head.

Demand for mutton was soft with only a few buyers active. Heavy sheep $150 to $190/head and medium trade sheep $130 to $165/head. Light and plain conditioned sheep were noticeably cheaper than recent levels at $68 to $120/head. There was a wide price spread of 440c to 550c/kg across the majority of sheep sold.