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Bendigo Lamb prices at a similar level to last week

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Yarding - 16,000 (+7500)
Lambs - 11,500 (+5200)
Sheep - 4500 (+2300)

Another quiet yarding with just 11,500 lambs and 4500 sheep. There was some very good fed shorn lambs in the heavy weight ranges which were expected to yield well, while quality over the general run of lambs off grass was mixed. There was six regular processing orders that were either absent or didn't purchase stock to Covid-19 staffing issues at abattoirs. However there was still enough demand to keep lamb prices at similar levels to a week ago. Although some secondary lambs and small penlots didn't attract a lot of buyer attention, with the market favouring the better finished shorn lambs off grain or pellets. The sale also tended to loose some momentum as it progressed.

The heaviest export lambs over 30kg cwt sold from $250 to a top of $276/head, ranging from an estimated 780c to 830c/kg cwt. Pens of shorn and fed lambs in the 24-27kg cwt range sold to the best demand at $204 to $235/head, most sales trending from 840c to 870c/kg cwt. The general run of domestic lamb with less carcass finish from $175 to $195/head. Woolly unshorn lambs didn't receive as much support as the shorn types, with buyers wary of condition underneath the pelt. The lead of the woolly young lambs from $185 to a top of $208/head for pens in the heavy trade category. Light lambs to restockers and MK processing orders from $135 to $165/head for the better framed types. The selection of Merino lambs was generally plain and in the lighter weight grades, selling to $180/head. There was some very secondary and small lambs that sold from $24 to $80/head.

The sheep yarding still had a reasonable selection of weights and grades considering the low numbers. Heavy Merino ewes in wool sold to $210, with the heaviest crossbred ewes also reaching $210/head. Most trade and heavy sheep sold from $130 to $180/head at an estimated cost of 520c to 590c/kg cwt. There was some light mutton, and young Merino wethers that did sell above 600c/kg cwt at times. There was some restocking support for ewes with frame that lacked condition.