Farm Tender

Ballarat resockers active at Wagga Wagga

Yarding - 47,400 (+4650).
Lambs - 38,500 (+4150).
Sheep - 8900 (+500).

There was lift in the number of lambs yarded. New season lamb supplies jumped to 23,750 along with an influx of 7,930 Merino lambs. Quality was excellent over the trade and heavy lamb categories. Most old lambs were grain assisted or finished off pasture and Lucerne stands. Heavy and extra heavy lamb numbers declined. Local and Ballarat restockers were active in the market but found it difficult to operate due to very few lambs weighing below 22kg. A full field of buyers were in attendance and all were operating over new season categories, while some buyers stood aside in the old lamb runs. Trade lambs continued to sell to solid competition, with major domestic processors once again dominating the market.

New season lambs 22 to 24kg made up a large percentage of the offering, with increased supplies weaned. Lambs suitable for restockers were in short supply making from $107 to $152/head. Prices for old trade lambs was fluctuated throughout the sale. Lambs 22 to 24 kg cwt sold from $143 to $156/head, with the bulk averaging 618c/kg cwt. Merino trade lambs sold to solid demand with some excellent lambs offered. The bulk of the trade lambs made from $132 to $154/head. The bulk of the heavy trade lambs sold from $153 to $168/head to average 668c/kg cwt. Heavy and extra heavy lamb prices bounced again this week. Lambs 26 to 30kg sold from $166 to $205/head, to average 639c/kg cwt. Lambs weighing in excess of 30kg cwt were keenly sought, selling from $195 to $224/head, averaging 625c/kg cwt.

Heavy and extra heavy Merino lambs sold at $152 to $179/head.It was a good quality yarding of mutton with heavy sheep well supplied however not all buyers operated. Heavy ewes sold to stronger demand gaining $3 to $8 to average from 476c to 527c/kg cwt. Heavy wethers were in reasonable numbers averaging 506c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were limited selling from $117 to $144/head.


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