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AXIchain mNVD enhancements to benefit the feedlot sector

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  • Aug 25, 2020
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By David Picker - AXIchain

Australian technology company, AXIchain is taking livestock movements for feedlots to the next level with several enhancements to the mNVD ('mobile' National Vendor Declaration) app to be released this week. The licenced app, approved by state regulators, ensures digital continuity of data for Australia's livestock traceability system completed with unique synchronisation with all stakeholders involved in the consignment.

'Hundreds of decks of cattle move in and out of feedlots every day, so we developed our solution with feedlots in mind to make operations simple, paperless and accurate' said Linda Woodford CEO AXIchain.

From the AXIchain mNVD dashboard, feedlot operators can manage external mNVDs for incoming consignments, creating forward planning ability and efficiency in the feedlot. 

The mNVD app integrates with wand scanners and panel readers capturing RFID tag information allowing the seamless transfer of data. RFID information can also be uploaded into the AXIchain system via CSV file or single manual entry. Perfect for outgoing livestock movements, mNVDs can be duplicated with a few clicks saving time and money.

Once the consignment is created in the AXIchain system, the sender or the receiver of the livestock can authorise AXIchain to conduct the animal data movement on the NLIS database on their behalf, maintaining clean, accurate data with one click of the button.

'We have developed the mNVD to a standard whereby it's an all in one livestock movement app. Feedlot operators can have peace of mind of being fully compliant and having their logistics organised, all paperless and accurate,' concluded Ms Woodford.

With a focus on animal welfare and biosecurity, the mNVD applies to cattle, sheep, and goats. Time off feed and water is declared by the consignor, ensuring biosecurity measures to manage the effluent load on the journey. The mNVD has digital time stamping and location tracking for the length of the journey, maintaining unbroken digital lifetime traceability of the livestock. The Feedlots preferred transporters are kept in the loop at every step via SMS and email at no charge to the transporter.

Exclusive dynamic QR code technology is utilised for off-line scenarios and is a legal livestock waybill in all state and territory jurisdictions and can be used throughout the supply chain.

The mNVD app is available in Google Play and will be available for Apple users shortly. It is also available in a web browser.

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