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Auctions update with Jim Oehms

Check out the Auctions page here or for anything Auction related ring Jim Oehms on 0481 102 288.

Auction News:

Firstly I would like to thank all our Vendors and participants in our Farm Tender Auctions over the past year, and I look forward to working with you all again into 2022.

Just letting you know that we will be doing our Auctions on our own platform from February 2022. This is an exciting move, and it will give us alot more flexibility. We intend to do shorter Auctions at set times during the week, and the countdown clock will be on individual lots instead of the whole Auction. Watch this space for more.

Our last Auction, A164, was a bit slow on the night and the countdown timer definitely had a glitch as it went 20 minutes later than it should have. Although not a lot sold on the night, a few good lots were sold over the next few days and just waiting on inspections for a couple more. So all in all, not a bad outcome for our Vendors and a good outcome for the bidders as well.

I am still currently building our A165 for January and have until Thursday arvo to complete this. So if you have anything, do not hesitate to call me. Have a great week.

Upcoming Auctions:

A165 - Multi-Vendor Auction - 2% buyers premium applies.

Starting: 8:00 AM, Wednesday 12th January 2022.

Finishing: 8:00 PM, Thursday 13th January 2022.

See the preliminary catalogue here.


If you want to buy now, and pay later, check out DelayPay or give Hannah a call on 0429 479 072

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