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Another very erratic Lamb market at Bendigo

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Yarding - 19,700

Another very erratic lamb market with the sale opening easier before improving and then dropping again. Lamb quality and presentation played a factor in price outcomes with buyers reluctant to support longer-woolled lambs in drier skins even though some of them still handled OK for weight and finish. Supply was up slightly to 15,700 lambs while on the buying side some processors were again absent or not operating fully. Price outcomes were mixed depending on weight and grade with the general trend being cheaper for heavier lambs over 26kg cwt and firm to dearer over the better trade types under 24kg cwt.

The heaviest export lambs sold to $280 for crossbreds which had a curfewed on-farm weight of 83kg live-weight. There was only a few sales above $260/head with most export pens over 30kg cwt from $225 to $255/head. The most unpredictable and flattest part of the auction was heavy 26-30kg cwt lambs which sold from $192 to $226/head to all record cheaper averages than a week ago. Most of the heavy lambs sold in a range of 680c to 750c/kg cwt.

There was more depth to buyer demand for well finished trade lambs at $180 to $202/head, a mixed run costing processors an estimated 740c to 780c/kg cwt. The peak of the market to processors was around 830c/kg for fresh medium domestic lambs in the 20 to 22kg cwt range. Store buyers paid to $179/head for well-shaped second-cross lambs to feed-on, with the general run of store lambs from $135 to $165/head. A line of very young little Merino lambs sold for $14 back to the paddock.

Limited sheep yarding of 4,000 head did include some heavier lines of Merino wethers in a big skin which topped at $215/head. Big crossbred ewes sold for similar money to a week ago at $175 to $190/head. Trade and lighter sheep were dearer at $110 to $165/head. Most mutton was estimated in a range of 550c to 620c/kg cwt.