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Yarding - 34,000 (+18,500)
Lambs - 24,000 (+13,000)
Sheep - 10,000 (+5500)

Lamb supply more than doubled to 24,000 head. Quality improved on the rain affected sale of a week ago, with bigger lines showing good finish available. The buying ranks were missing one exporter and one major domestic order, and some other processors were fairly quite. Buyers did try to noticeably pull the market below what auctioneers were asking, although they weren't always successful. The price trend across most lamb categories was $5 to $10/head easier, and bidding at this sale did start to show more variance based around breed quality and condition. There was bigger price changes of $10 to $20/head less recorded for some plainer light lambs. Any heavier young lambs in
fresh condition were the best supported.

Demand from export buyers was still strong and a limited selection of heavy young lambs over 28kg cwt sold from $290 to a top of $320/head. The majority of the lead pens of young lambs from $235 to $280, with the fat score four crossbreds in the 24kg to 26kg cwt range averaging $241/head. The estimated cost of a run of trade and heavy processing lambs was 900c to 930c/kg cwt. Restockers from Ballarat helped keep a price floor in the trade section, paying from $220 to $234/head for lambs to shear. The more genuine sized store lambs at 16kg to 18kg cwt from $153 to $168 to average $162/head to the paddock, with buyers from Shepparton, Euroa, Bendigo and Echuca
active. Very small lambs $121 to $136/head. Old lamb quality is now down to very mixed and mostly smaller pen lots as tail-end drafts come through the system. Prices were cheaper.

Sheep supply lifted to 10,000 head, with all weights and grades on offer. Competition for extra heavy mutton was much more subdued than recent weeks, the heaviest crossbred and Merino ewes showing falls of $30 to $50/head on recent weeks. At least four regular mutton orders weren't operating. Neat trade weight mutton were not as discounted, although all mutton was considerably cheaper and the market continued to loose momentum as the sale progressed. The majority of sheep averaged less than 600c, with supersized ewes estimated down at 500c/kgcwt.