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Ag Tech Sunday - SA enhancing its reputation as the Ag Tech capital of Australia

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  • Aug 01, 2020
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Implementation Strategies to Address the AgTech Adoption Challenges and Enablers: 7 Key Pillars

Networking and Collaboration

Integration of the AgTech ecosystem through AgTech Hubs and networking Forums is key to ensuring AgTech meets the needs of primary producers and enables a high - growth, internationally competitive AgTech sector


Use Independent Intermediaries and AgTech Ambassadors as trusted advisors, as well as showcasing events, case studies and demonstration sites to improve primary producers' understanding of the best AgTech solutions available

Entrepreneurial Capability

Ensure SA’s innovation support initiatives, such FIXE, prioritise AgTech opportunities with a strong focus on primary producer needs

Skills & Education

Equip primary producers and service providers with the knowledge and skills to identify and utilise effective AgTech solutions


Identify and promote effective farm - wide network connectivity solutions to primary producers, particularly in remote areas


Provide primary producers with a working understanding of AgTech offerings that are easy to use and can be readily integrated with other devices and data sources to provide a whole-of-farm solution

Government Leadership

The SA Government can increase sector confidence by clearly enunciating the importance of AgTech and its adoption to the state, and by policy and program initiatives that support the AgTech supply chain

See the extended document here