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Ag Tech Sunday - Precision Ag for Livestock

By Janette Barnard - Prime Future

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Here’s a quote from an AgFunder article about precision ag adoption rates:

“Farmers’ interest in precision ag is divided into four categories: the top 1-2% who will try anything, 10-15% who are not as bullish but still cutting edge, the 45-55% who will adopt once the product is proven, and the remainder being the most skeptical.”

Keep in mind the “precision” wave has been crashing into row crop farming for 5-7 years while its just barely starting to sneak up on animal agriculture; you only see it if you squint. Terms like Precision Nutrition, Precision Farming, Precision Health are still just whispers around the edges of the industry. My hypothesis is that the animal precision farming adoption rates can look much better than crop if the post-COVID trends I highlighted above play out.

One element of the precision wave has been the strategics in the space (input suppliers & retailers) embracing precision tools as part of a comprehensive offering to producers: Bayer’s Climate Corp Field View, Corteva’s Granular, Syngenta’s AgriEdge. Soon we’ll take a deeper look at the build vs buy paths, but suffice it to say that in animal agriculture there are very few companies making public moves in the digital space; although Zoetis is leading the way, they are still early in the execution of their strategy and turning their strategic roll up into value for producers.