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Ag Tech Sunday - NVD vs eNVD: Why go electronic?

By Hannah Powter -  AgriWebb

What is a National Vendor Declaration (NVD)?

Livestock require movement documentation whenever they are moved from a property to another property, saleyard, or a processor. For Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) accredited properties, that documentation is the National Vendor Declaration (NVD).

An NVD can be filled out as a hard copy, from an NVD booklet, or online, as an eNVD. Producers can print eNVDs for transactions with parties that don’t use the platform, or send it to them digitally through AgriWebb.

NVDs (or eNVDs) include the PIC (property identification code) for the property where the livestock is being transported from and the destination PIC. This helps to ensure lifetime identification and traceability of livestock. By using an NVD, you guarantee you have raised livestock according to LPA accreditation requirements.

Why you should use an eNVD

  • You don’t risk using out-of-date NVD forms
  • It improves the accuracy and timeliness of information through the supply chain
  • It allows you to submit multiple declarations (NFAS, MSA, etc.) at once
  • It is more time-efficient than paper declarations

You can create and submit an eNVD through AgriWebb.

eNVD submission within AgriWebb   

The benefits of submitting an eNVD with AgriWebb

AgriWebb continually strives to support producers in simplifying their farm management efforts. Our latest integration of eNVDs into the farm management platform makes it easy to use your existing on-farm records to create, modify, and submit LPA declaration records. Filing an eNVD using AgriWebb means you don’t have to do a lot of the manual work required by the LPA portal.

*  Save additional time

Relevant information like your farm name, address, and most of the mob details will be pre-populated when you fill out an eNVD using the AgriWebb farm management software. This saves valuable time and effort every time you make a vendor declaration.

* End to end livestock sales records

Using AgriWebb’s eNVD tool, you can create a livestock sales record with the click of a button when you submit your eNVD. In addition, modifying or updating sales records, and confirming the accuracy of your eNVD submission, couldn’t be easier – whether you are out in the paddock or back in the office.

* Improve accuracy and transparency

Rushing to create an NVD quickly on the hood of the ute, as the truckie waits to take the load, can lead to unintended mistakes with the vital information contained on each sheet. Users can simply attach each eNVD to the mobs already under management on their existing AgriWebb account. This allows for ease of use, and ensures accuracy. To save even more time on a busy sale or transport day, eNVDs can be prepared ahead of time, and final stock numbers reconciled at the moment of transfer.

Need more info?

If you have any questions about submitting an eNVD with AgriWebb, please contact our Farm Success team. To get started with AgriWebb to take advantage of the eNVD feature, start your free trial here.

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