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Ag Tech Sunday - John Deere unlocking greater value for its customers

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  • Jul 31, 2020
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By Ganesh Jayaram - Vice President, Information Technology at John Deere

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Last month, we shared the exciting next evolution of John Deere’s operating model that builds on our fundamental manufacturing strengths while unlocking greater value for our customers through advanced technologies. Underlying this promise is an easy-to-use technology stack, a more agile and empowered organization, and a dynamic model for prioritizing our investments in areas that maximize value for our customers. In short, we’ll be able to turn around customer-centric solutions more quickly and efficiently.

This is, no doubt, an exciting era for the company! The opportunity that lies ahead to deliver intelligent, connected machines and applications for our customers is one that I am excited to be part of. While the operating model continues to roll out across our enterprise in the coming months, Deere’s Global Information Technology function has been proving out this three-fold combination as part of our own transformation over the past few years. Our first evolution in 2017 launched a technology modernization initiative to embrace agile practices and rituals within the IT function, and started to measure and prioritize projects based on business value creation.

Learning from these initial experiences, we pivoted to a more holistic transformation in January 2019 – our new operating model includes business partners in an end-to-end product management structure that guides our rapid delivery of thin slices of customer value, investments in streamlining our architecture and upgrading our technical acumen, and creating the full IT tech stack that drives digital transformation of our core company functions.

These three transformational pillars reflected in the yellow inner ring of our Global IT strategy wheel have combined with the distinctive daily execution of our core fundamentals highlighted in the green outer ring to meet and exceed expectations of our stakeholders. True to, and ahead of, projections, we are seeing evidence of measurable transformational business outcomes and creating the technology foundation for our company’s leap forward into a brighter future as a Smart Industrial.