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Ag Tech Sunday - AXIchain launches Livestock trading platform

By AXIchain

AXIchain is excited to announce the next extension of its technology capability with the launch of the AXIchain livestock trading platform within the Smart Trader app. The livestock trading function complements the red meat export capabilities as part of an overall upgrade to the Smart Trader app and is delivering the marketplace and supply chain of the future, today!

The AXIchain Smart Trader app has been designed with both producers and livestock buyers, in fact, all stakeholders in the supply chain in mind, creating the opportunity to buy and sell livestock at the click of a button on your smart device.

Livestock sellers can capture specification data via RFID integrated technology and data inputs along with accreditations, images and video uploads, allowing producers to broadcast their livestock for sale to the industry or directly to their preferred buyers.

Livestock buyers can view listings via a localised Google integrated mapping tool and the Marketplace module lets buyers browse available stock and purchase or negotiate with sellers. The Buyer Request module provides the capability to upload specifications of stock to fill production or feedlot buying orders or fill gaps in processing capacity quickly and efficiently.

The platform is underpinned by a blockchain distributed ledger to track provenance and transactional data linked to a smart contract payment solution for financial assurance to stakeholders.

As part of our ongoing development, we’ve partnered with a major global payment group, and as a collaboration, we’ve created the AXIpay payment infrastructure providing an “escrow” style remittance process linked to the AXIchain smart contract’, said AXIchain CEO, Linda Woodford.

Smart Trader also allows for a point of sale (POS) process for sellers wishing to conduct sales on site.

The AXIchain Smart Trader app integrates with wand scanners and panel readers capturing RFID tag information, seamlessly transferring it to the AXIchain mNVD and TransTrack products, continuing the unbroken transfer of traceability and provenance data through the supply chain.

We’re providing the Australian agricultural industry with an end-to-end digital supply chain to help maintain global competitiveness. Our mission is to ensure Australia retains its excellent reputation as an export nation - providing safe, clean and natural food products in a rapidly changing trading environment’, concluded Ms Woodford.

The AXIchain Smart Trader app is available in the web application and available via Google Play and Apple shortly. For more information, please visit our website.

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