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Ag Tech Sunday - AXIchain delivers the next-generation digital “mobile” NVD

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  • Jul 04, 2020
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By David Picker - AXIchain

Australian Technology Company AXIchain is releasing the most sophisticated digital mobile National Vendor Declaration to help improve Australia’s livestock traceability system. This is a key piece of software to enable complete providence and traceability data for supply chain systems.

"We've developed a completely online and offline digital paperless mobile-friendly National Vendor Declaration; the mNVD is game-changing technology for Australia's Red meat and Livestock industry", said AXIchain CEO and Founder Linda Woodford.  

There are approximately 64.5 million registered livestock transfers in Australia every year, with around 90% declared on paper in triplicate. The paper based NVD is inefficient and places strain on parts of the supply chain. Digitising this document will see millions in cost savings across the industry and minimise risk to the livestock and red meat traceability system.

"We developed the mNVD to address the risk of paperwork errors in the livestock supply chain. And, to help protect Australia's excellent reputation as an export-focused nation for providing safe, clean and natural red meat to the world", said AXIchain CEO and Founder Linda Woodford.

The AXIchain mobile-friendly National Vendor Declaration (mNVD) is compliant with industry and state law enforcement agencies. It works online and offline and integrates with transporters, agents, buyers, saleyards and processors, making it a one-stop shop for livestock movement at your fingertips. Exclusive to AXIchain is a dynamic QR code system that enforces data as true and accurate for all movement details, even in offline situations. The mNVD app will be available to download from Google Play and iTunes soon, or you can simply use your web browser.

Meat & Livestock Australia – Integrity Systems Company, granted AXIchain the mNVD license in June this year. The AXIchain team built the mNVD in less than six months.

"We would like to show our gratitude to MLA and ISC for instilling their trust in AXIchain with this license, and we look forward to working together to increase the adoption of digital declarations and processes in the supply chain", concluded Ms Woodford.

Accompanying the mNVD, AXIchain is providing digitised production management software aimed at enhancing the quality of livestock production which connects to the AXIchain export commodity trading platform underpinned by blockchain smart contracts, a digital bill of lading and automated logistics management. AXIchain is providing the end to end visibility of food products needed in the commodity trading environment of the future.