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Ag Tech Sunday - Announcing the SproutX 2020 cohort!

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  • Jun 06, 2020
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By Chris Romano - SproutX

Last week, SproutX launched its 2020 accelerator with five startups, led by passionate and ambitious founders tackling challenges across the agri-food supply chain.

Included in the 2020 cohort are teams reducing the need for single-use plastics, tackling wine counterfeiting, improving soil management to reduce the carbon footprint, minimising input costs for farmers through robotics, and empowering agribusinesses and financial institutions to de-risk agricultural production.

The primary focus of the SproutX program is to help our startups build traction, and getting teams investment-ready for follow-on funding post-program. This is achieved through corporate partnerships and an extensive network with government, industry and investors, both in Australia and overseas.

Now in its fourth year, SproutX's mission is to empower founders to build world-class technologies that have a positive impact in the lives of producers and consumers. Our 2020 founders truly represent this mission, and over the next six months, you'll have the opportunity to hear each startup's story and how they're progressing.

SproutX 2020 Cohort

Agtuary: Using satellite, climate and on-farm data, Agtuary provide insights for agribusinesses and financial institutions to de-risk agriculture and drive efficiency in the marketplace.

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Ambit Robotics: Focusing on small holder farming in ASEAN, Ambit Robotics reduces labour and chemical exposure in crop spraying.

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eBottli: A platform that provides traceability services and hardware, protecting the wine export industry from counterfeiting.

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FarmLab: Soil mapping software that uses remotely sensed data and soil testing, enabling agronomists and farmers to make more informed decisions.

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Little Green Panda: LGP are driven to be the world's largest producer of single-use products from agricultural wastes, currently producing drinking straws for the hospitality sector.

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