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Ag Tech Sunday - Animal Tags, Satellites and the Path of an Aussie Ag Tech Going Global

  • CEO of Agritech startup CERES Tag, David Smith, talks to CRIISP Media about his journey.
  • David talks about getting into the agricultural sector and taking his agritech international.
  • CERES Tag is utilising Low Earth Orbit Satellites to create efficiencies in the data analysis process.
  • The technology uses a tag alone to retrieve all the data needed to make crucial decisions in the space of livestock monitoring.

With 3000 prototypes sold across 8 countries, Ceres Tag is the newest and most exciting agritech startup in animal welfare and monitoring. Encompassing livestock, wildlife, and companion animals, the tag acts like a FitBit, collecting data on an animal’s location, performance, and health. It doesn’t end there, the data is then sent to a Low Earth Orbit (nano)-satellite online interface, the ‘Cerescloud’, removing the need for additional infra

Automatic agricultural technology robot arm watering plants tree

structure and allowing farmers to instantly view crucial information regarding their stock.

So why is this important? Due to the current climate, consumers are demanding more cohesive data regarding where their food comes from, biosecurity, and the welfare of animals in general. The Ceres Tag has secured their palace in the industry with perfect timing in alignment with this new consumer trend and the widespread shift from traditional farming practices to a bigger focus on new technology and big data. We spoke to the founder, David Smith, about the ins and outs of the agritech space, establishing a client base, and raising capital for this newborn technology.

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