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Ag Tech Sunday - Ag Tech: what works and what doesn't?

By Ivanov Igor - Gamaya

I am a CFO and co-founder of a Swiss AgTech company Gamaya. At Gamaya we develop digital agronomy products based on remote sensing technologies (RGB, multispectral and proprietary hyperspectral imagery), agronomy insights and machine learning. We created the company about five years ago at the beginning of 2015, a year after a notable acquisition of Climate Corp by Monsanto for $1bn. I was observing the emergence of the AgTech ecosystem, which includes today hundreds of different startups, and staying very much updated about the leading players and developments in the digital imaging domain.

Back in 2017, I wrote an article about how to ensure that big data brings value to farmers, now three years later I would like to share my observations about the AgTech market and particularly about digital imaging. I want to share what we learned and, perhaps, this information can be useful for companies from remote sensing space with a focus on agriculture. As I am not an expert in the food segment of the AgTech, this part is not included in my analysis.

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