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Ag Tech Sunday - Ag Retail is changing

By Alexander Reichert - CEO at Agvend

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In recent years, consumers have embraced technology in almost every facet of their lives to create a more convenient, accessible and seamless experience. Similarly, when it comes to working with their ag retailers, growers’ expectations are changing. Easy mobile access to information and services 24/7 is quickly becoming the standard, and this trend has only been accelerated by COVID-19.

While some may think that the natural reaction to this increased adoption of digital services is launching a point-click-buy e-commerce solution, there is a larger opportunity at hand. One that builds on the value producers place on their strong personal relationships and adds the convenience of a digital experience. Growers are looking to do business in person, on the phone, and online — all while expecting the same level of service and value regardless of the multiple channels they choose to do business.

Insights from a 2019 McKinsey survey about growers’ digital preferences are proving even more true in 2020: “when it comes to [human interaction and digital] channels, farmers don’t want either — or; they want both —and.” Simply put, growers expect an omnichannel offering from their ag retailer.

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