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Ag Tech Sunday - ADAMA launches new predictive pest control solution for Croppers

By Andrew Newall - ADAMA

ADAMA Australia - The Trapview Predictive Pest Network launches to the market this month as part of the company’s ongoing drive to provide Australian growers and agronomists with the latest Ag Tech solutions to support improved productivity.

ADAMA Australia AgTech and Innovation Manager, Andrew Newall describes the network as a game changer for pest monitoring which will compliment crop checking activity in the paddock, providing additional insight across a wider geography.

How does Trapview work?

Trapview utilises revolutionary technology in a fully integrated system to provide an innovative, simplified solution for monitoring insect populations.

It operates by capturing images and providing digital recognition of lured pests using Trapview smart traps. Pest populations and their dynamics are then shared across the network of traps allowing for near real time monitoring of pest movements across a large area.

Results can be accessed via a paid subscription service on desktop and mobile devices via the Trapview App, with the system providing rapid pest alerts to the licensed user allowing awareness of the pest situation near them, enabling a more timely and strategic application of control options. They will also receive daily and weekly reports detailing pest detection, pest movement and development stages.

The network will provide agronomists and growers with near real time insight on pest activity within their region, allowing greater understanding of pest pressure, optimised choice and precise timing of control options.

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