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Ag Tech Sunday - Fertiliser start up Laconik integrates with Agworld

By Agworld


Fertilisers are one of the biggest items on most crop budgets, and making an accurate decision on how much fertiliser to apply for a certain crop is therefore critical to growers’ profitability. Traditionally growers and agronomists have relied on a combination of soil tests, crop research, historical data and information sheets from the input supplier to decide their fertiliser regime, without having the ability to accurately test different scenarios on their own fields and have the ability to accurately measure fertiliser responsiveness and return on investment (ROI).


Introducing: Laconik! Laconik empowers growers and agronomists to conduct their own scientific measurements of fertiliser responsiveness and profitability. Different fertiliser rates are allocated to treatment plots against a backdrop of a blanket or flat rate across the paddock or zones of different rates created by the grower or agronomist, to create a variable rate prescription. These prescriptions can then be loaded directly into tractor guidance monitors, or even be routed online through the My John Deere platform. Throughout the season NDVI imagery is provided to clients so that variances and responses to fertiliser applications can be detected. At the end of the season yield data is uploaded to the Laconik platform, which is then broken up into the individual plots so that a statistical and economic response can be calculated. Laconik’s clients will improve the accuracy of their fertiliser decisions by up to 30% and increase farm profits by up to $123 per acre.


      Laconik is primarily in use in the Australian broad acre farming cropping industry, but is available globally and can be utilised in many different crops, as long as yield data can be captured during harvest. Instead of having to rely on research performed a large distance away from the farm under different circumstances and in different soils, every farmer can now create their own trials every season, without increasing the workload, and consistently gather more data and knowledge on their ideal fertiliser regime. You have to measure and know your performance before being able to make those changes that yield the optimal result; Laconik has just made this process simple and achievable for everyone!

Agworld and Laconik have recently created a product integration, which initially offers the following benefits to users of Laconik and Agworld:

  • After authentication, you can let your Laconik trial data layers flow through into Agworld.
  • Your Laconik strip or randomised trials will be visible as a layer on your Agworld farm maps.
  • You can share your Laconik data layers with other users connected to your Agworld farm company which helps with finding and reviewing the trials through the season.


Other integration features and data layers are planned for release throughout 2021, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the progress of this. We know how important it is for our users to have a centralised overview of all their important farm data, and we are confident that the Agworld & Laconik data integration is another step in this direction.


If you have any questions about this integration or how you can use it to your advantage, please don’t hesitate to contact your Agworld or Laconik customer success representative.