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Ag Tech News - One Machine no driver required

By Raven


OMNiPOWER™ is a self-propelled power platform that easily interchanges farm implements like a sprayer or spreader. It allows OMNiPOWER to perform multiple farm tasks in any season.


OMNiPOWER lets the farmer remotely operate and send the unit on autonomous missions from a tablet. No driver necessary.


OMNiPOWER is easy to use.

How it works:

The farmer loads the appropriate implement to the unit and uses a computer program to generate a path plan for each field.


The path plan covers every foot of on-field movement to sub-inch accuracy. It sets boundaries and retains obstacle information. The program then loads the path plan to the OMNiPOWER software. This takes about 15 seconds.


Naturally, the path plan must be farmer-approved before the mission is deployed. The path plan can be altered at any time to satisfy changing field conditions.

Once OMNiPOWER has received the path plan and the implement is ready for operation, the unit will begin to safely perform the mission.


And OMNi customer support is always on hand to help.


OMNiPOWER is safe.

It is proven to operate safely among people, animals, and other equipment. OMNiPOWER uses multiple camera and radars, aka the Raven Perception Optical Detection and Avoidance Systems, to keep your people, animals, and property safe.


OMNiPOWER is operated via a tablet.

OMNiPOWER is controlled by a farmer; remotely operating and sending the unit on autonomous missions from a tablet connected to a cellular network.


OMNiPOWER grows with you.

Currently, OMNiPOWER has these interchangeable implements


New Leader NL5000 G5 Crop Nutrient Applicator Spreader 

The first fully autonomous granular nutrient applicator. It has a capacity of 10 mt (287 cu ft) and comes equipped with 16-section swath width control, last pass control, and independent spinner control.


Pattison Liquid System's Connect Plus 120 Sprayer

Keeps your product application running smoothly without cab, chassis, and tires. The 1,600 US gallon stainless steel tank and 120-foot aluminum booms with individual nozzle control make this a must-add to your OMNiPOWER-ready fleet.


More OMNiPOWER implements will launch quickly and consistently as we work with OEM partners to release new implements.


OMNiPOWER is rich in features.

  • Remote command, supervision, and monitoring from any place in the field or other machine
  • Completes tasks autonomously
  • Multi-directional moving, multi-purpose machine that delivers effortless implement changeover
  • Short- and long-range sensors detect obstacles for safe operation
  • Operate one or multiple OMNiPOWER units using a single tablet device
  • Can be run in fully autonomous mode in fields or by remote control in yards or equipment sheds
  • Allows path plan alterations at any time to satisfy changing field conditions


OMNiPOWER has many advantages.

  • Improves operational consistency for spraying and spreading
  • Reduces input costs
  • Improves crop quality and yield
  • Allows for a reallocation of resources
  • Decreases fuel requirements
  • Reduces the potential for accidents
  • Creates the potential for 24/7 operations
  • Opportunities for multi-OMNiPOWER unit coordination
  • Makes the entire operation more efficient
  • Greater profit

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